Water Mitigation


Mendco Construction Water Damage RestorationWhen flooding requires that the home’s occupants evacuate, an unoccupied home is an invitation for thieves which could result in further loss. Most insurance policies have a clause stating the policy holder is responsible to mitigate the damage to their home or business to prevent further damage from occurring. Emergency board up services can protect against this threat and can prevent the inflow of additional water by sealing off openings in your house or business.

Mendco Construction Company is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for emergency water extraction and preventing damage from progressing further. We have an answering service for calls after regular business hours to take your information and within minutes, we will call you back to get directions to your home or business. The harmful effects of water can be drastically reduced by prompt action. Even a small water loss can turn into a major problem, if not handled properly. We can prevent insurance coverage issues by preventing destruction of items that may not otherwise have been affected and prevent the development of mold.

The consequences of ineffective water extraction can include possible health problems and additional structural damage. Our restoration team is qualified, through formal training and experience, to remove excess water, to promote efficient evaporation, and to establish the dehumidification conditions needed to stop on-going damage.

Drying & Humidification

If not handled properly, even a small water loss can turn into a major problem involving coverage issues for destruction of items that may not otherwise have been affected as well as the development of mold. We have expert employees in water damage restoration to quickly and professionally handle the job of drying out your property in order to prevent any further damage.

Structural Repairs and Reconstruction

In most cases, your property can be dried and returned to normal in a short time, but in cases of a major flood or water loss, the water will follow the path of least resistance. Standing water will seep through floor coverings traveling to sub-floors and wick up walls and furniture. Depending on how long water has been present, the surface may “balloon” since wood is porous. Mendco Construction Company will assess your property for hidden damage in the flooring and walls of your property. We can repair structural issues associated with your water loss including the following:

  • Remove and replace sub-floor
  • Remove and replace floor coverings
  • Remove and replace drywall
  • Remove and replace woodwork
  • Remove and replace wallpaper
  • Painting

No need to call a separate contractor for any of these items! Mendco Construction Company is available for the extraction of water and complete restoration of your property.

Mendco Construction Co. - FlooringFlooring Restoration or Replacement

Regardless of the type of flooring in your home or business, carpet, vinyl, wood or tile, or the severity of your water damage, Mendco Construction Company can help. We will do everything possible to save your floor, but if the sub-floor is warped your flooring will need to be replaced. Flooring damage can shift after drying. For instance, a hardwood floor that is buckled may unbuckle as the drying progresses. We will continually assess and advise throughout the drying process whether the flooring is salvageable or not. If it is determined the flooring requires replacement, we will replace the sub-floor and have the owner pick out new floor covering. Whether the damage requires restoration or replacement, we work with the property owner and insurance adjuster to ensure the project is completed in a cost effective and timely manner.

Content Cleaning

Sometimes a water loss that has occurred on a higher floor can cause ceilings, including all the wet drywall and insulation, to collapse on your furniture, collectibles and clothing. If the water is “clean” water (versus “gray” water which has been sitting too long and may contain contaminants) your furniture, collectibles and clothing are likely salvageable. Our crews will remove the contents from the wet floors to prevent further damage as they begin the clean-up process.

24 Hour Emergency Services

Any time of the day, even on holidays and weekends, Mendco Construction Company is available to perform emergency water extraction and mitigation services. We will extract the water and set up equipment to start the drying process. Time is of the essence in water losses, so give us a call and get the drying process started!